Tuesday, March 15, 2005


I thought I'd wake up early, go to the gym to study Poli Sci, come home and bake a bread, go for lunch with Miryam, work on my papers, and be productive. That was what I envisioned my birthday to be like. Instead, I woke at about 9:00 starving. Realizing that the last time I ate was at 1:00pm the day before when I was the WZO meeting (two coffees, two plates of salad, and a strawberry), I went downstairs to find something to eat. I ended up poking all the apples out of what remained of the apple pie my mother made for Shabbos, along with some of the crust. Tummy aching from too much sugar too early in the day, I went back upstairs, changed into gym clothes, got into bed, and took a nap.

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