Sunday, March 27, 2005

Weird People are Everywhere

I answered the door a few minutes ago to find this man I'd never seen before standing there.
"Is your father home?" he said.
"Erm, no. He's not..."
"Do you know when he will be?"
I thought for a minute. "No, sorry, I don't."
I started closing the door when the man started talking again. "Is his car here?"
"Oh, yeah!" I said, "Now that you bring it up, his car is here! As a matter of fact, my father has this eccentric habit of actually sitting in his car in the driveway about three steps from the house when he's bored. Thank God you reminded me--let me go get him."
Okay, so maybe I just looked at him and told him that my father's car was, in fact, not home, closed the door, and made a weird face.

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