Monday, March 21, 2005

Sometimes I Just Write Because I Want To

If you didn't know that I'm weird, I'll tell you. I'm weird. I wore my long black skirt today because I was in the mood to. Only, my long black skirt is a spring skirt so it's made with a light material that looks funny when my boots stick out at the bottom. So I borrowed my mother's naot. Understand that it's universally known that backless shoes worn with socks is just about as unsexy as you can get so I wore no socks. Only, it was about 40 degrees this morning. So there I was waiting for the bus--thick, fuzzy scarf, short denim jacket, long springy skirt, and naot with no socks. And I didn't even have a coffee or tea like I sometimes do. I didn't even have something warm in my stomach because I didn't have hot cocoa or oatmeal for breakfast. I had carrots with chummus. Yeah, for breakfast. But you shoulda expected that, I already told you I'm weird.

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