Friday, April 15, 2005

I Vant to Have a Baaaby!

If you thought I was just a baby nut on my own, well, I have good reason for being this way (aside from the amazingness of babies). Here's a story my mother just told me:
I went shopping the other day, and when I went back to my car, I must've seen something move or shimmer, or something...but I noticed a baby was sitting in the back seat of the car right next to mine. Alone. In the back of a car with all the windows closed. In a snowsuit. Do you know how hot a car could get in the middle of the day??? So, of course, I went right into the Kosher Supermarket (I can't remember what this place is called) and I said to the manager, "do you have a loudspeaker?" and he said, "well, yes..." and I said, "well, you have to announce that there is a baby in the back of a maroon blah blah blah" and he goes, "so? Maybe the parent is in Amazing Savings?" I looked at him and said, "what???????" And I think he realized that he was dealing with an obvious nut, so he made the announcement.
I went back out to my car and waited for the parent to come. This man came out, and I said, "how can you leave your baby out here all alone?" and he mumbled, "I only went in for 3 minutes." "Three minutes???" I said, "did you know that a baby could die from heat in the back of a car in 15 minutes?" Then he saw I wasn't going to move (I couldn't anyway, because the way he parked I couldn't get out), so he got into the car and I saw the baby move her head and she was smiling, and I'm pretty sure she had Downs Syndrome and I felt so upset--I really hope this man realizes that you have to love this baby and take just as good care of her as you would any other.
I love my mother.

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