Tuesday, April 12, 2005


Miryam came over to update her resume and while saving it to my folder "Miryam's Works," we noticed a file called "Sol." So we opened it:
Sol: How’d you like the Prune juice this morning?
Henry: Eh–I don’t like Prune juice. But who can complain–it tastes better than the mush they call food in this place.
Sol: My wife used to cook better than they do.
Henry: Oy.
Sol: It tastes like they threw up pizza.
Henry: What? They blew up the Mona Lisa?
Sol: What?! Are you meshugganeh?! Where did you hear that?
Henry: Hear what?
Sol: They blew up the Mona Lisa.
Henry: Ah–so they did?
Sol: So I hear.
Henry: And now what?
"Sol" is a result of Miryam having to write a psychology paper in dialogue format and me (her paper-writing assistant) being wacked out of my mind. And this is why I love when Miryam comes over to do work. :)

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Anonymous Miryam said...

No, no, no, Dear. It wasn't psychology, it was a PHILOSOPHY dialogue. Something like "if the Mona Lisa was destroyed and put back together, would it be the same painting as it was before?" Psychologists don't think about things like that. They focus on mind reading;). AAAHahaahhahahahahaahhahaha

Tuesday, April 12, 2005 3:16:00 PM  

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