Tuesday, June 27, 2006

A Bug Tale

Chapter One: A Love Story
While waiting in my car on the side of the Palisades this morning for both my father and the tow truck to arrive, I made friends with a little critter I like to call Bugs. His official name is Bugs P. T. Bunny, but he prefers Bugs. Since my windows were down when my car died (between exits two and one on the highway) it was impossible for me to close them. And Bugs, being the friendly guy he is, just popped right in through the passenger side window and landed himself on my forefinger.
After finding my left hand entertaining for about fifteen minutes, Bugs gained the confidence to fly to my right hand. Then he left me. But I know he'll be happier in the wild, so I can't be selfish about our love. And if you happen to see a tiny little yellow critter with black specs on his irridescent wings, a snout that lowers to sniff out fingers, two buggy eyes, and the body type of a bee, tell him I say "hi;" it's probably Bugs.
This is a picture of Bugs when he was on my thumb. It was taken while we were bonding.

Chapter Two: A Gross Story
I was using my fingers as a comb today while drying my hair at the gym and found a spider in my hair. While finding a spider in one's hair is usually gross, my case was particularly gross because it happened to be after my shower.
The end.

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Blogger timorous kid said...

in response to the second story: *shiver*

Wednesday, June 28, 2006 6:10:00 PM  

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