Monday, March 28, 2005

I Hate Stalkers!!!

I have two screennames. I made myself a newish one a while back but still used the old one on occasion. Now AIM gives you linking screenname options, so I do that--why not? So anyway, one screenname is normal. I use it with people I work with...when I have to put up IM contact info anywhere...and basically keep my away messages normal because my dad IMs me on it, too. So do strangers, cause, y'know, I use it as contact info.
But tonight I get an IM on my old screenname--on the screenname that really few people still use and certainly no strangers know...

FreakyStalker: HELLO THERE
BewilderedMe: hi
FreakyStalker: HOW R U
BewilderedMe: good
FreakyStalker: thats nice
FreakyStalker: where r u tonigth
BewilderedMe: home
FreakyStalker: having fu
FreakyStalker: n
BewilderedMe: who are you?
FreakyStalker: who r u
BewilderedMe: you IMed me, I'm assuming you know who I am
FreakyStalker: i know your increidbly gorgeous with a lkilelr body
BewilderedMe: I know you're ridiculous and a stalker
FreakyStalker: vos
BewilderedMe: vos?
FreakyStalker: machste
BewilderedMe: pardon?

I think this is a trend because just last night AND today I got a scary stalker IM from someone using Yahoo! Messenger AND I WASN'T EVEN VISIBLY ON! At least when I need a life I make surveys and Millard Fillmore Fan Club Merch., not scare people.

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