Monday, April 18, 2005

Ego Boost! Ego Boost! I Love These!

I love workshopping essays in class. I mean, teachers write some nice things--but workshopping? That's when you get the best!
From Beethoven's analysis of my essay A History of Fish and Me:
Your essay is fun because it isn't a very serious topic in terms of politics and world news and such, but rather entertaining. I wonder if these fish had some kind of important impact on you or something more. However, with that said, it shows a lot about your personality. This piece shows that you are a person with great maternal instincts and one that loves something or someone to take care of them without appreciation. The best part is that I know without being told that the fish can't really show the appreciation the caretaker probably deserves. I compare it to children (human children) and their mothers. Mothers do everything for their children (good ones, anyway) without asking or expecting anything back. This characterisc comes out in this essay. It shows that you are responsible too, except maybe when you haven't changed Brownsville's tank, but then again you did notice something was wrong [with his behavior]. Again, great in showing your character...

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