Thursday, April 07, 2005

Many Quotes of the Day

Upon Seeing Itamar's Shirt...erm, Sweater?
"Whoa--Freddie Mercury! Dude, you know he was gay?"

Adventures at Hunter Hillel
"Hey--it stinks like pot in the hall."
-Dani K.

On Being Psycho
"If you don't listen to me, you will die!"
-Psycho Woman from the Event Today

And now...
for the first time ever...
Adam's Quotes of the Day!

In Summation
"I carry the burden of balancing the sanity of the Hillel on my shoulders."

On Why He Doesn't Have Game (please note: the ambiguous He is not referring to Adam himself but to an ambiguous boy)
"He's as immature as a fetus."

In Response to My Request that He and Ian Clean Up Chairs While I Get Fat and Lazy (can't...resist...chummus...)
"Physical labor is not a man's work anymore, it's the illegal immigrants'."

(Just to explain: I spent just about all day at school...because I have no life...and it just happens to be that there were a number of funny things said. And as for the Adam getting his own little spot--he's hot, was I going to say no?)

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