Sunday, April 10, 2005

Part Three: Operation Tighty Whiteys

3. INT. - BASEMENT OF HOST HOUSE - AFTER MIDNIGHT (we’re gonna let it all hang out...sorry.)
ELANA and YAEL are in bed. RIKKI is on a mattress on the floor. DINA is lying on another blow-up mattress on the floor, but is having difficulty smoothing out her blanket. She kicks her blanket a few times and tries to see if she could smooth it out. She feels something funny inside the sheet that seems to resemble a sock or pair of underwear.
Rikki, blanket’s really messed up. Could you help me?
RIKKI comes over to help.
Feel this...what is it?
RIKKI feels spot of blanket DINA puts in her hand. She pulls something crumpled up and white and holds it up for the two of them to see.
It’s a pair of tighty-whiteys!
The two girls fall over DINA’s mattress in a fit of hysteria. RIKKI’s laughter is silent for the most part with short bursts of sound and DINA’s laughter is relatively quiet with more frequent sqeaks and that annoying hiccup-thing she can’t stop doing since becoming friends with Randy.
Could you two be quiet?
DINA and RIKKI crack up even more.
I’m trying to sleeeeeep!
DINA and RIKKI try getting a hold of themselves. They stop put the pair of men’s tighty whitey’s on the side of the mattress and attempt fixing the blanket inside the sheet. They start cracking up again.
ELANA (controlling laughter)
What is so funny? I’m trying to sleep!
Sorry, sorry. We’ll be quiet.
More laughter from DINA and RIKKI. They finish fixing the blanket and RIKKI holds up the underwear for one last laugh and places it on top of the tv right next to DINA’s mattress. She gets up to go back to her own. DINA stand up, too, and since there are tears on her cheeks, looks around for tissues. She notices something white on top of the tv next to her bed and reaches over to take the underwear RIKKI had just put there.
Are these tissues?
RIKKI looks over and she falls over laughing. DINA follows suit. Finally, RIKKI gets into bed. DINA does, too.
You do realize that this isn’t over, right?
Yeah, if we leave the underwear laying around the room the hostess will think Goodness only knows what about us.
We’re going to have to sneak the underwear back into the blanket before we leave.

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Blogger Mesiach said...

DINA WOULD U PLEASE STOP PARADING around AND SNIFFING MY UNDERWEAR!!!! i gave them to you so you could leave me alone about how much you love the smell of my.......ummm bye

Monday, April 11, 2005 7:15:00 PM  
Blogger BrownsvilleGirl said...

STEVE! You're a freak!

Monday, April 11, 2005 9:48:00 PM  

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