Monday, May 30, 2005

Picnic in the Park

We picniced yesterday next to the trees that look like they're having sex.

Well, okay, maybe not everyone agreed, but I had class out in Central Park one day with Professor du Hottness and I was really just writing notes to the woman sitting to my left the entire time. Incidentally, to my left were also the sex trees. I guess when you stare at that for an hour straight, you start seeing things.

The picnic was really nice! I brought Zahava, Jon brought Milicent, Deborah brought Sarah (who, despite her name and looks, isn't Jewish), Dima brought his sister, and Randy, Moishele, Miryam, Eliana, Nukes, Steve, and I were there, too. Theeeen, Michael from Kosher Eucharist, who was in N'York for the weekend before going on Birthright, came to join us! I discovered my secretly hidden away until yesterday talent: I am sick at frisbee. That is, I'm a total natural and with just a little skill development I will be the frisbee mistress! And theeeeeeeeeeeen, Deborah's friend Alex (hello hottie) and Jon's friend Dan came. Dan and I were in Sociology 100 together. Cool.

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