Sunday, May 29, 2005

Quotes of the Month

Here are the Quote of the Month results!
First Place
[ [ [ Steve ] ] ]
for Correspondence from Europe... "We had so many quotes of the day for you but we got stoned and forgot to write it down."
Second Place
[ [ Randy ] ]
for In an Attempt to Prove that He Uses the Word "Vagina" as Part of His Everday Lexicon More Often Than I Do..."So I vagina to the store today."
Third Place (three ties!):
[ Doni ]
for Of STD's and Daughters "Chlamydia is my favorite STD because its name is so pretty. I wish I could name my daughter after it."
[ Jon ]
for Life Lessons by Jon "If a guy is ever looking at your face when he first meets you, you know he's gay."
[ Steve ]
for When Getting High Is No Longer Enough "I wish I could walk on my hands...the world might really be different upside down. You know, philosophically."

Since I included an "I Don't Get It..." category, I thought it'd be fun to list the top three most misunderstood quotes. So, here they are:

In Response to My Inquiry About Giving Her Son Challah (Because He was Hungry) "Oh, I didn't even think of that!"

How To Know You Have a Psychic Computer "My font just changed by itself! It sensed my ferociousness in that statement."

Lessons for Life "G-d is not very fond of gratuitous waterworks."

And now, for my favorite responses. Just by the way, the correct answer would have been, "those are the cupcakes you baked for Miryam's birthday because you are the absolute coolest person in the world."

So since there's no picture, for the time being I'd like to write an ode to the "Heh" category of this survey. There are many types of "Heh"s that i make through out the day. Sometimes "heh"s of relief, or grief, but in this survey the "heh"s were limited to "what the hell?" or "heh, could have been funnier" or "heh, heh, heh," the evil cackle. Just proves to show that no body knows what one's thinking online... and it makes me wonder. And for the picture which i just saw, Dina, I knight you as the fairest baker of them all. My birthday's just around the corner:}!

oh dina its like a sea of magicall colorsmade of sugar that i can swim thorugh. I believe you made them for mosges birthday...but all i wanna do is make a cnanonball and swim around these sweet things that make me go nuts for sugar sticker picjer licker aggg i understadn man i just wanna sweer in a apoool of blue bluers..

Those are the cupcakes you made for Yam-Yam's b-day of course! (mmmmmmm… I must say they were quite palatable) Why is Dina Dorkinsky the coolest person I know? Well, it is the year 2132 and after a bitter battle between man & machine that lasted several decades, the machines finally utilize their secret weapon: a poisonous gas that shall once and for all kill off the human race. However, it turns out this nefarious plot does not yield its intended outcome, since the gas is only effective against all those who do not fall under the categories of dork, geek and dweeb. Since dorks are at the top of this hierarchy of pariahs – and Dina, as we know, is the Queen of Dorkness – it only logical that she will be the coolest person I know. So 32Dina, now we must defeat these dastardly droids and re-populate the world together ;-) Long live Flash Dina, savior of the universe!

2 original thoughts out there

Anonymous Miryam said...

this thing is definitely rigged

Monday, May 30, 2005 12:27:00 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

muahahahahahaha randi wants to do the deens!!!!

Monday, May 30, 2005 1:10:00 PM  

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