Tuesday, March 29, 2005

It Was Just My Birthday and Now I'm 52

Driving to school this morning, I needed to adjust the air in my car at least twenty-seven times. First, it was cold. Then it was so hot I had to take my jacket off (yes, while driving). Then I needed the heat on again, so I turned off the air conditioner and made it heat. And so on and so forth.

I walked into the Hillel room. It was boiling; I opened the window.

I went to meet two classmates to study for our midterm. I froze.

And then, as if a mad number of hotflashes wasn't enough, I started getting the soft-foods-craving. That's right, it was yogurt. I had to have yogurt. I neeeeeeeeded to have yogurt. So on my way to my car, I stopped into Food Emporium and picked up a yogurt and a package of plastic utensils.

Of course, satisfying a craving on the fly just doesn't do it for me (and really shouldn't for anyone), so I put my stuff down in my car, took out a spoon from the ones I bought, and stood on the sidewalk right outside of my car falling into bliss. Yes, yogurt was bliss.

I am officially an old lady.

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