Thursday, April 28, 2005


Come visit The Blue and Purple Zoo to see their latest installment!
Meet Babaganoush. Babaganoush is a 2.5 pound sprightly little Parakeet! He's white with soft yellow and greyish-bluish spots and adorable shiny dark eyes. As the first Parakeet to join The Blue and Purple Zoo, he is located on the western side of the zoo--right across from the Beta section! A frightened little bird, it may take a while for him to settle in and feel at home. But The Blue and Purple Zoo is accustomed to this. When the late Brownsville Girl first moved in, he couldn't eat for a whole month. Don't worry--it's common for Betas to have eating disorders. Just ask The Raging Bull, he's bulimic. (No, no, not Randy, the REAL Raging Bull, my fish.) Yes, here at The Blue and Purple Zoo, the animals are just as off the wall as their caretaker.
Visiting Hours are tentative. Please call before you plan a visit so that I can clean my room. :)

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