Friday, April 29, 2005

I'm Gettin' Married!

I am going to rehash last night's dream because it is just so weird and so bizarre that I'm just confused.
We were all sitting around a dining room table. The only people I remember are Elke, Zahava, this guy who doesn't like me one bit, and a man with a beard that went around his chin and jaw and on his left cheek. That's right, the man was missing "beard" on his right cheek. Oh wait, my brother was in the dream too, at the table part, because the man was telling him that he has to be home for yomim tovim or he's making a chillul haShem and he was holding a postcard of some sort to prove his point.
So Elke was infatuated with this guy who was sitting to my right and all she would do was talk about when they'll be married this and that and how he's so good looking and so smart and so nice and that she's going to marry him yada yada yada. Well, I kept glancing at him because I didn't like her and in my dream he somehow knew that. And in my dream he for some reason liked me (which is, I think, just about the opposite of real life). So to shut her up, he goes, "will you stop all that talk, it's making my wife uncomfortable!!!"
Well! That was me he was referring to. So I got embarrassed cause I didn't realize that he had decided he was going to marry me. Which was absurd, but in my dream I loved him. Not like "in love" or "infatuation with" I mean just love--the developed kind. I know this because when he said that, I got the weirdest feeling ever in my stomach and that was that it just belonged.
Then the guy with the weird beard's son was talking and he was about 1.5 feet tall or so and about 5 years old. But there he was with a full grown beard that was just missing--you got it--the right cheek. And in my dream, I stared at this little child with a beard and thought, "what the...?"
Then we had to bentch, so I started bentching but then I think someone made me go into the kitchen (I don't even know whose house this was like) and I did and when I got back, Zahava was in my seat bentching. The chairs at that point were kinda strewn about, like they were all pushed back a foot from the table and turned a bit so that they faced the table from 45* angles. So I motioned, "get up, I have to finish bentching here where I sat."
And she said, "I'm bentching, there are crumbs at my seat."
Then I sat near the man with the funny beard because Zahava wouldn't budge and my bentcher didn't have the correct words so I made them up as I went along and I was staring at a painting of trees like the trees I saw the other day.
Then by the time I turned around, boy-who-called-me-his-wife and Elke had gone (they were going to be spending the night in this weird place, I don't even remember) and my cell rang. So I answered it and it was the aforementioned guy. Just called to tell me good-bye.
There's more to the dream. There's the part when I come home and my mom shows me the swatches of paint she's thinking of using somewhere in the house (very common practice here in my real-life house) and that she scheduled a weather-test for I can't remember the month but the date was DEFINITELY a 4th. Yes, weather-test. That's when the government comes and tests the weather around your house. Yes, my dream was strange.
There was a beginning part, too. In the beginning, there were big red mushrooms with white spots like they were from Mario Brothers or something and at one point I was sitting on one. My brother went into the concession (like when we went to a bungalow colony...) and then he came out and I was telling him something and he was fighting with me then there were other guys--his friends--and they were wearing yarmulkes with spikes like that gothy necklace that girl in my poli sci class wears.
There's probably more but I have such a headache I'm going to go bake cookies so that we have something to eat for the last days of Pesach.

"A friend who knows my dream theory and had shared it with his wife said to me one day, "I must tell you that my wife dreamed yesterday that she had her period. You know what that means." Certainly I knew; since the young woman had dreamed that she had her period, it meant that her period had not come. "
That's from Freud's The Interpretation of Dreams.
Shall I take that as a sign that if someone calls me his wife, it's probably the last thing I want? ...Or is it what I want, I just don't know? Cause to be honest, of all the guys I know, he's somewhere near the bottom of my list of guys I'd voluntarily marry. Actually, if I were to make a list of the guys I know and rate them according to marriageablility for me, I'd give him a 10 for husband material and like a 3 for compatibility with moi in particular. Then I'd do some sort of mathematical equation to see where that brings me and to weigh the significances of both numbers and then I'd compare him to the other friends using the same method.
Haha, right!

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