Friday, August 11, 2006

Because I Noticed a Paper with Va'ad HaRabanim in Big Letters

Sometimes you find yourself lucky. One day you win tickets on the radio to a jazz concert. Another day you stumble into an ice cream shop for an iced coffee and discover that they're kosher and you can get a smoothie. Perhaps you'll see a necklace you like for a price you wouldn't even consider and the lady in the store asks you what you'd pay for it, you say "25" and she says, "okay." Maybe you'll even win a game of 500 and then 750 playing darts at your friend's birthday party. It might even happen that you find a dress similar to the $450 one you fell in love with that turns out to fit you so well, you buy it in two colors (not the $450 one, the similar one).
You're probably thinking, "sure, I know such lucky things happen to people, but it could never happen to me." But I, however, have words of encouragement and good news. Every single lucky thing I listed can and just might happen to the ordinary American citizen. I know, because they all happened to me. As a matter of fact, all those events befell me on the very same day.
Now allow me to put things into perspective. It's not that I'm generally an unlucky person, but my luck usually falls under the "close call" category. For example, if I forgot to study for a test or figured we'd have a snowday and purposely didn't study back in high school, the teacher would miraculously decide to push off the exam for another day. There were times when the one time I actually did my homework turned out to be the one time the teacher decided to do a random check. Basically, my good luck was more Gd taking care of fools than actual good luck.
It is for this reason that I have concluded that dreams can come true. So keep on truckin' and have a Shabbat shalom.

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