Monday, November 27, 2006

Tomorrow, I'm Going to School in Lederhosen

I was standing near the train doors in anticipation of the next stop when a woman got out of her seat and came to wait beside me.
"Is your skirt really from 1969?"
My right earphone was broken, so I heard what she had said, but it took me a second or two to register what she was talking about. Then I remembered that my skirt has an embroidered 1969 on the backpocket seam.
"I think GAP was just established in 1969."
"Oh! Hahaha, well then. I guess I know that now."
"Ha, right."
"And I was thinking that that skirt must have been taken very good care of to be in that condition for 30 years!"
I smiled and the train pulled into the 68th Street stop. Getting off the train and skipping a foot ahead of the lady, I wished her a good day.
"Y'know, I still have some clothes from 30 years ago! I guess maybe I should throw some out."
At this point, I was halfway up the steps and she was just at the base. "Do people ask you that a lot? Most people probably think your skirt's from 1969, too, don't they?"
I was tempted to tell her that most people probably don't study the side of my tush and those who do don't comment, but I smiled and told her that she's the first.
"Oh, wow! Really? I'd think that--"
"Have a great day!" I called down to her and skipped some steps while making my music louder.

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