Tuesday, June 26, 2007

It Could Also Be Related to Banging My Head too Hard on the Floor

Remember when I went to the dentist months ago and told them that I felt like my jaw hurt sometimes when I ate and they listened for clicks and heard none and told me it was nothing? My headaches and I do. I took them back to the dentist today and told him, "I don't know if it's my gums or my jaw, but there's something going on inside my mouth and it's been causing me headaches every morning." I went despite people saying, "well, if it starts in the morning you're obviously under stress from work and it's tension headaches." And guess what--just guess! My mouth works in just the opposite way a normal mouth should. So when I move my jaw forward or to the side and my front teeth should be taking over, they don't. All the stresses of running my mouth fall onto my back teeth and they haven't been too happy about that lately. All I know is that if this thing the dentist gave me doesn't help I'm going to prescribe myself bed and stop functioning. Also, in unrelated mouth news, I got a double chin today. I am the only person magical enough to get a double chin after losing weight that she didn't try losing.

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