Friday, June 24, 2005

Adventures in English 218 (I think that's our number)

In class yesterday, we were analyzing a pretty strange story. We came to the part when the father proposes to the mother. Basically, he's talking about his business and then finds that he just asked her to marry him. He is still confused over how he got to the question when she starts sobbing. She says, "this is all I wanted since the moment I met you." In other words, she just did what she was "supposed" to do in that social situation and he was just...totally out of it. Part of the discussion we had was that this was probably not the setting for or way in which she dreamed of getting engaged.

Before looking back at my paper to read on, I glanced at my professor. He looked me in the eye and began to sing, "some people wait a life time for a moment..." it could be that he completed the line. I wouldn't know--I was laughing too hard.

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