Thursday, August 04, 2005

A...Job? Gasp!

I was looking through old papers on my family computer to see what I could delete to free up memory space and found this essay.
The following essay is the first paper I wrote for college. The grammar is debatable, my sentence structure is outright frightening, and I had to separate "even" and "though" from the one word I had the two of them as. (As you can see, my sentence structure is still a little...tipsy. :)) Anyway, I thought this essay was funny because my mother reminds me all the time that I need to get a job. Enjoy.

Dina P.
Professor G.
English 120
September 10, 2003
First Draft

When I was about seven years old, I knew for certain--in the bottom of my heart--that when I grew up I would be a trapeze artist and own bunches of Dalmations. By the time I turned eight, I matured and recognized that I would never be deft enough to walk a tightrope and accordingly shifted my hopes to becoming a diamond miner like the seven dwarfs. At about the same time that my interest in Snow White was replaced by Beauty and the Beast, I lost my passion for mining. Over the next ten years, I went through a series of career-idea changes that involved acting, owning a restaurant, becoming senator, acting, singing, owning a restaurant, being a writer, acting, being a photographer, becoming senator, and acting.
Some might call me indecisive or fickle, but when I get an idea I stick to it--at least until I think of something better. I have heard that most people change their majors a number of times throughout their college years. I doubt, because of my history of job interests, that I will not be one of those. To sit here in front of my computer and tell you, in all seriousness, that I plan on majoring in Media almost feels like a joke to me. Although, as of now, this is a plan I do intend on seeing through.
In eleventh grade, I met with a publicist to discuss her job because at the time I was considering PR. When I saw how much of the job was just writing I opted out, even though I had been the editor of our school literary journal that year. I knew that I needed a job that involved more creativity and met with a man who does advertising to find out what his field was all about. After being thoroughly impressed with what I was told, I decided that advertising was for me.
I may have made up my mind back then, but my classmates did not take that to mean their opinions on what I should do after college were not of interest to me. I could not really blame them when they would whine to me to go to culinary school as my baking obsession was well known throughout my school as lethal to any girl on a diet (in all-girl schools there tend to be many). I never considered culinary school though because just the idea of spending day after day in a hot bakery kitchen baking in bulk scared me.
Near the end of my last year in high school, I did a reevaluation of my skills and interests and realized that advertising was not the field I wanted to go into. What I wanted to do was work as a producer for the news. My AP Political Science class and the situation over in the Middle East piqued my interest in current events. At about the same time, I recognized that I am far better at pulling together projects than just writing papers or coming up with ideas. I have always loved doing research, English has never been a problem for me, and packaging things to make their presentation impressive is something I am quite proficient at.
Maybe one day you will see me on the ten o’clock news, reporting or being an anchor. Maybe I will be behind the scenes, writing the news and taking care of covering certain stories. Maybe I will move to London and work at BBC. Maybe I will get theinternshipp I just had an interview for at the political unit of CBS, and maybe I will not. What ever the case, I am just glad to have enough maybes to keep my indecisiveness interested, and not wander into other fields of study.

So...I'm only minoring in Media Studies now. My major is English. :)

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Anonymous brown eyed girl said...

you should become a sniper. that's my sister's dream job. she plans to be like the girl on alias.

Friday, August 05, 2005 1:52:00 PM  

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