Friday, January 27, 2006

No One To Tell Us No

The sun shone onto the curved road through the bare trees lining it as I drove to Starbuck’s with my cousin. We finished singing the only verse we know from A Whole New World for the third time and I swallowed to get my voice back.
“Y’know, in all the history of my life as a dork--this is the first time that I’ve not looked forward to the start of school.”
Zahava turned to look at me and shouted, “me too!”
“In all honesty, there’s only one class I’m interested in, and even with that one--I’d rather just be in Israel.”
“So we’re just the same! I’ve never dreaded school before.”
“College: I’m hating it.”

And on that note, have a Shabbat shalom!

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