Thursday, July 27, 2006

And Then She Said, "I'm in Mad Love With You" and He Said, "That's Phat"

I thought conversations like these
Girl: "And then when I was driving back I was mad hyper so I called you."
Guy: "Yeah, I think I said, 'are you mad hyper?'"
died when I turned 18. Apparently, however, they're alive and well. I just haven't heard from them in a while. I also never expected them to show up outside of a high school or a group of teenagers. But oh, how wrong I was.
You see, yesterday I was at the pottery painting place and there was a couple sitting across from us whose conversations went along the lines of:
Guy: "If I were painting what you're doing, I'd do it very differently."
Girl: "But I think yours is ugly."
Guy: "Well, I like when things look modern."
Girl: "Do you think this is going to be a problem? That we have different taste? Like when we're going to pick out furniture? Because I like when things look classy."
If that weren't enough to entertain us, the guy also employed words such as "phat" and others I haven't heard since I was 16. But in their defense, they were friendly and nice...just...entertaining.

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