Friday, August 25, 2006

I've Got One More Silver Dollar

Sometimes you hang out with someone so often that all the things about them that annoy you start to eclipse what you like about them. Which is often the case with siblings. :) However, my brother Josh was away at camp all summer so it's like we're starting fresh. I took him hiking yesterday (he came back earlier this week) and have to say--he's a pretty cute kid. We ended up deciding that whoever carried the knapsack got to carry the camera and he was very into his picture-taking. As a matter of fact, he recorded three three-minute long segments of our hike with the video feature of the camera and they turned out a lot of fun. I mean, the best part was when I was chasing him to get the camera back after his third time tripping and the camera was flying all around and all you hear is his laughter, but it's awesome. So anyway, I wanna have a kid. What? Did I just...did I just say that? Have a very peaceful shabbos.

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