Monday, September 18, 2006

BBQs Are Awesome for Vegetarians, Too, If the Company's Right

My friend Aaron is so well mannered that when my cousin and I realized he didn't invite his housemates to the bbq he was making in the backyard, we were shocked. The three of us left his kitchen where we had put the fries to warm in the oven, and Zahava and I turned to Aaron with our mouths wide open.
"You didn't invite your roommates to your bbq???" We asked--possibly together.
He explained that they had made a bbq when he first moved in and not only did they not invite him, but they had to walk through his room (the basement) to get in and out...and still didn't invite him.
Zahava and I went to get the fries from the oven alone. We walked into the kitchen and were hit with the dangerously high levels of testosterone three of Aaron's housemates exuded into the room. It didn't take long for them to continue attacking us with their questions about where we're from and how old we are.
"Are those fries the same as these?" One of them asked, holding up a bag of frozen fries he had taken out of the freezer.
"Yup," Zahava said.
"They're Triangle-K."
"Well, I just wanted you to know because when we had a bbq last week we used these fries and I didn't know that they were Triangle-K, and that's not so good. I wouldn't have eaten them."
Zahava started in on how her father really looks up hechsherim and knows that Triangle-K is reliable while I was taking the fries out. Then I turned around and said, "Wait--this is Aaron's second bbq in a week? ...And we weren't invited to the first one?"
"Um, he was new then and we didn't really know him." One of them said.
The other tried, "But we did invite him."
We left the kitchen with the fries and huge smiles and let Aaron know that his housemates were in denial of the fact that they didn't invite him to their bbq.
"They told me I could have leftovers if there were, maybe that's what they were referring to."
The bottom line is that the guy who was all up in a tiffy about a hechsher (that is reliable) was lax with someone else's feelings. Such a jerk.

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i dont really get what ur title had to do with the actual post?

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