Monday, May 23, 2005

La La La

I am so damn happy right now.

I started my day with an ice cream sandwich and a purchase of an Allman Brothers live in 1995 (hello Dickey Betts) tape for a buck at the library. This here is a tape that will never be matched in awesomeness as long as I live, I bet. Then, on my way into school, I dropped a chummus covered slice of cucumber into my lap and onto my white skirt while driving. No fears there though because Miryam ran into Food Emporium and bought me a box of Oxi-Clean wipes and it came right out!

Next, I went to drop my essay off at my Professor du Hotness who was all smiling like a 14 year-old boy the whole time. Plus, he looked mad hot in a tee-shirt and jeans--a combo he never wears when he has to teach. As if just looking hot for me wasn't enough, he had to say, "is this the essay you wanted to revise, because you got an A on it?"
"No, I thought I got an A-."
"No," laughter. "You got an A."
"Oh...well, I guess it can go higher anyway?"
He laughed because he so likes me, oh hotness that he is.

Then I had my last Fiction Workshop class because my professor decided to give us a class in the time slot during which we should be having a final. I read my story to the class and they were actually laughing at some parts. I didn't realize it was a funny story, but kal hakavod.

And the new HaKol came out today!!!

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Blogger acoffeecup said...

awww, Dina is so nice to mention Hakol. It is an honor to be mentioned in this blog...and an even bigger honor to have brownsvillegirl be on staff.

p.s. i am addicted to your blog.
in need of a cure (and starting my own didn't do it). please help.

Tuesday, May 24, 2005 1:21:00 AM  

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