Tuesday, July 12, 2005

Ellipses Are In

I just wrote a post about reading my new book for Punks, and Steve goes and buries it under his post two second later. As the only person I know to use "78 semi-colons in one paper," Steve did not surprise me with the number of ellipses in his newest post. I give Steve grammatical assistance sometimes with his posts on Punks, but this time I wish I had counted the number of ellipses I took out before I had taken them out because about halfway or so through the post, I had to stop.
I asked him if periods scare him, since he tends to shy away from them and use ellipses where periods would do just fine, and he responded, "I love ellipses. They are so dotty...And besides, periods are so small I want people to know I'm done with that sentence, so I kinda beat it into them."
I won't argue with that.

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