Wednesday, January 04, 2006

And Yesterday I was in Tel-Aviv

I told Randy that if he sees me in Israel, he has to not let me eat. I have a tendency to go hungry every three seconds when I'm on vacation and I know I'm going to come back to New York at least 25 pounds heavier than when I left. How well can he follow instructions, you ask? Well, first we bought donuts with caramel while waiting in the tachana merkazit in Tel Aviv for my friend Zac to show up. After Zac showed up, we all had rugelach and later, Randy bought me chocolate in the shuk when the three of us went there. Seriously, this eating thing is out of control.

But Tel Aviv was loads of fun. After our little hiatus in the shuk, Randy, Zac, and I met up with Nedenah, Miriam T., and Nukes and we all went out to eat. At a meat place...but, whatever. After dinner, we stopped into Mike's Place to see if they were playing the Manchester United-Arsenal game (they weren't), but it was during those five minutes that my mother called. :) It was funny though, because my phone was dying, so Zac made my calls forward to his phone. Which meant that not only was the phone answered in a loud bar, it was answered by a guy in a loud bar. Go figure. We ended up hookahing on the beach and watching the game later (I actually napped during the game because I was running on 2.5 hours of sleep).

This morning, I had cocoa-man for breakfast. Cocoa-man, for those who aren't hip, is pronounced co-co-mon, preferably with a Jamaican accent. The box features a rasta guy on the front and some "cocoa-man disco" things on the back. The taste resembles soggy cardboard.

Then, before leaving Tel-Aviv, I played Shesh-Besh while eating olives with dark chocolate both purchased in the shuk the day before. Olives and dark chocolate, unlike olives and taffies (bad experience), are delicious together.

Also, the night before I left for Tel Aviv, I went out with Michael, ck, and Laya from Jewlicious, Aaron from Kosher Confessions, and Laya's roommate's sister who, as far as I know, doesn't have a blog. I think I might have said the above sentence eight million times yesterday to make Randy jealous, but then, that's what sisters do. :)

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Blogger MC Aryeh said...

hookah, soggy cardboard cereal and shuk olives all in one day?!? life does not get much better...God, I miss Israel...

Wednesday, January 04, 2006 9:20:00 AM  
Blogger XVI (R) - NY said...

For the ultimate in Israeli breakfast experience, theres a certain cereal but Im not really remembering the name of it right now. It looks like mini-wheats but its filled with chocolate cream. You can eat it with milk but its almost unecessary. A box is huge also and you cant finish it in less then two weeks. Also, it tastes great even after its been left out, open, in the rain, overnight. Dont ask. If you see it, buy it! You wont need to buy anything else for the rest of the trip.

Wednesday, January 04, 2006 9:53:00 AM  
Blogger BrownsvilleGirl said...

Chocariot. Literally: chocolate pillows. If that's what you're referring to, I think they taste like cardboard filled with chocolate. Put them in milk and they taste like soggy cardboard with chocolate. Apparently, as advanced as Israel is, they can't manage to make a cereal that doesn't taste like Pesach cereal. My sister loves them (I think), because she bought a box for the house in New York. That's where I had them.

Wednesday, January 04, 2006 11:13:00 AM  
Blogger Sara said...

ahhh- memories of seminary where you can finish a box of carriot in less than 2 weeks... hmmm maybe thats why we actually did come home 25 lbs heavier

Thursday, January 05, 2006 1:21:00 AM  

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