Monday, March 13, 2006

The First Time I Took My Road Test it Was Tanit Esther and I Almost Hit a Car and Failed

"That's our exit, by the way," my father said. He pointed the sign out to me and I veered into the right lane to get off the highway.
While I take the same highway at least two ways every day, I did nearly miss the exit. My parents (whom I was driving home yesterday) and I got into a discussion about absent-mindedness and exit-taking. Once, my mother was coming home from the city with two friends. They mosied along the highway and the driving friend got off at Exit 10.
"Oh," my mother said, "do you need to pick something up from somewhere?"
"No. Why?"
Needless to say, the friend didn't even realize she got off an exit early. My mother found this astounding. My father and I agreed that we are prone to doing the same thing.
Anyway, what I wanted to say that today I left my father's office and got on the highway at exit 8 to go home. I turned up the radio. I sang along to the music. I fantasized about what I'd break my fast on later. And I realized I was going the wrong way when I passed exit 6. But then, I am fasting.

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Blogger Sara said...

once, after spending a shabbos in livingston, me and a friend were going to meet friends at a party in nyc. we got directions, cranked up the music, cranked down the windows, and were off.
about and hour and 10 cds later (we both have music a.d.d) we saw a sign for the city... atlantic city.

Monday, March 13, 2006 11:22:00 PM  

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