Wednesday, April 26, 2006

If You Write the Word Sleeves Over and Over, It Looks Weird

After getting my sneakers on, I looked into my gym bag for my tee shirt and noticed that aside from a deodorant and hair gel, there was nothing in it. Now, on some days I wear tee shirts with sweaters over them, but today was no such day. I had on a cardigan that was clearly not meant to be worked out in. So I took out my wallet and went to the cafe guy to find out if they sell tee shirts. They do, he told me, but at the front desk.
"Black or gray?" the front desk guy asked.
"Sleeveless or with sleeves?" He held up a men's sleeveless tee.
I told him that I wanted with sleeves, and something made for women...if they had.
Not only didn't they have women's tee shirts, but the smallest men's was a medium. Sure that I wasn't about to grow three more pairs of shoulders or gain 85 pounds within the next hour, I opted out of the men's shirt, packed my gym things, and went home. Stupid chauvinistic gyms.

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Anonymous Brown Eyed Girl said...

next time get your point acorss and just work out in your bra.'s a great conversation starter for meeting guys.

Thursday, April 27, 2006 1:09:00 AM  

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