Thursday, April 27, 2006

Take Me to Work Day!

Happy Take Your Daughter and Son to Work Day! That's right, it's no longer Take Your Daughter to Work Day, but Take All Your Kids to Work Day. When I was younger--10, 11, or 12(I can't remember)--my father took me to work with him for TYDtWD. They had a whole program to the point where at one point we were divided into teams and told to look over some portfolios (Coke, AOL, etc.) and to decide which to invest in. The girls in my group deferred to me to decide how many shares of which and I thought I knew everything. As it turned out, I knew nothing and our team came in second to last. :)
Since my father wasn't leaving at 4, I got a ride home with Shira and her father (who worked a few buildings away). On the way home, Shira and I discussed how she felt it was unfair that her TYDtWD was really a Take Your Children to Work Day. Ah well.

And now I'm adding on some more:
Once upon a time there was a girl working in an office where she was the only female. Watching both her computer and the tv, she overheard Liz (who was in the CNBC headquarters) asking Ted (who was with another guy down on the floor), if she could join them one day because it looked fun. They pretty much answered no.
"No girls allowed?" Liz kidded.
The girl's ears perked up and she quickly jotted that line down in case she'd ever want to use it in a blog post one day. :) I was really surprised at the time to hear something like that. Here's a woman who knows her stuff not any less than the men, and she said it. She said the "no girls allowed." I just thought it was interesting.

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