Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Except Of Course Medical Emergency

I thought I couldn't feel any dumber than I did last summer when I took Math 100. But I was wrong. After one Astronomy Lab, I realized that there is a part of the brain generally used for computing mathematical equations that I am missing. This could easily be helped, I thought, and took my friend up on his offer to tutor me.
During the tutoring session, I subtracted 5 from 23 and got 13 (I went two below 15 instead of two above), rounded .15625 x 10^10 to 26 x 10^something (apparently, you would just go with 16), and got 9 after subtracting 5 from 17. And, like I said before, this was all after only one class.
Feeling dumb and doomed, I stopped into Shakespeare to pick up my lab manual today. Opening it to the first page, I read, "Welcome in the Laboratory Exercises In Astronomy Class." Excited, I read on, "Here in the laboratory we provide you with the chance to practice your knowledge using little mathematics, but don't worry we will help you through that." My heart jumped and skipped. "The lab. periods are very short and we have a lot to accomplish during this time, so we ask you to read the laboratory manual before coming to the class, this way you can finish the exercises on time." One missing apostrophe, one incomprehensible sentence form, four run-ons, one gratuitous comma, and one mid-sentence tense shift later, I remembered that we all have our strengths and weaknesses.
But I can't resist leaving you with this beauty: "Attendance is mandatory, except of course medical emergency, in each class the attendance will be verified. If you miss a class then you have to make it up in one of the other astronomy laboratory sections, or at the end of the semester during the make up week, check the schedule of the semester."

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