Sunday, May 21, 2006

No...You Wake Her

Say, "hi" to cousin Zahava. It's what I did for most of the night yesterday. You see, my cousin wanted to go see her guitar teacher's band play at The Cupping Room Cafe down in the village last night. Only, my cousin, her friend Nate, and I do not live down in the Village. Which means we had to get there first. It usually doesn't take much longer than an hour to get all the way downtown. I use the word "usually" because it implies that "occassionally" this is not the case. And that "occassionally" happened to be last night.
At about the same time that we pulled onto the West Side Highway, a major car crash happened on the West Side Highway at some point between where we were and the next exit. So we sat in the car for about an hour. Then the woman next to us's car wouldn't start when she tried turning the engine back on. Luckily for all of us, there was an entire fraternity taking a West Side Highway roadtrip that night and parked (yes, parked) only a few cars behind us. They, of course, knew what to do and in only 10 minutes were able to figure out that it was the battery and get jump starts to attach to our car and help the lady.
Eventually, a cop walked from the accident up to the exit north of where we all were and started directing cars to back-up and go down the exit ramp. Once enough cars backed-up, though, the remaining cars were able to turn around and go north on the south side of the highway. But of course, since this is a New York tale, it includes the random crazy lady with the heavy accent. Actual conversation playback:
"Excuse me, ma'am!"
"I think you might need to wake that woman, she seems to be sleeping."
"Um...she's sleeping, so if you want to be able to go, you'll have to wake her."
"I think you should wa--"
I shut my window at that point and we turned the car around. Now, I don't know how many of you have been in a car moving in the wrong direction on a major highway with half the cars backing up and the other half facing the wrong way like you but it is WEIRD.
As for the rest of the night, let me sum it up real quick. The band was supposed to play until 1 and we parked at what we thought was around the corner at 12:55. But, you see, West Broadway and Broadway--not only aren't they extensions of each other, they are confusing. That's all I have to say. And I will end this post with a quote by Zahava, which was, "this night...was nothing short of terrible."

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