Friday, May 19, 2006

It's Green

By the way, I was using the family computer the other day and noticed that when I opened this site the sidebar was--gasp--green! What's up with that and why does it do that in internet explorer? I can only use Firefox on my laptop because when I was having too many viri (that's fakely plural for virus) issues with it, I got rid of ie to minimize the amount of pop-ups I'd have. It wasn't successful in stopping the pop-ups, but it was successful in the fact that I did actually get rid of some part of ie. At least I know I can't open the program on my laptop. I just wanted to say that I have become aware of the great ugliness that resides on the right side of my page and that I'm thankful to firefox for developing a censor against things that could potentially harm one's eyes. Thank you.

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