Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Just Get a Cab

I took the bus into the city a few days ago and was, as oftentimes I am, asked to share my city-advice.
I was listening to my iPod and trying to ignore the woman sitting next to me's consistant stares in my direction.
"Excuse me," she said, "do you know the city?"
I asked her where she was going and, fortunately for her, it was on the upper east side (the only part of the city I actually know).
"I'm going to 70th Street and 2nd Avenue, how can I get there?"
"You can get off the bus at 42nd Street and take the 6 train from Grand Central to 68th and Lex."
She asked how far that was.
"The avenues go: Lexington, Third, Second."
"That's far."
"My mother said there's a bus. I can take a bus. Where is it?"
"Well, you can take a bus going uptown on Fifth or Third."
"Where do I see it?"
"There are small stops along the avenues, just walk up one and you'll see a stop."
"Excuse me," said the woman sitting behind me, "but I'm going in the same direction and I was going to ask someone too. How do I get to Lenox Hill Hospital on 72nd and Park?"
"You can also just take the 6 train to 68th."
"Well, I was thinking about taking a bus, but I'd need a metrocard anyway."
"Oh," I told her, "you could use quarters."
"But I don't have any quarters."
The woman next to me interrupted, "how much would a taxi cost?"
"About $5."
"Oh--that's it?"
"About that much...but I don't know how easy it will be to get a taxi in the rain."
And then the two of them finally decided to share a taxi and continued their negotiations among themselves with the exception of asking me how the avenues work.

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