Sunday, November 05, 2006

It's Much Too Late to Save Myself from Falling

Last night, someone threatened me into going to a couple of parties I was invited to with an article about singles' events that she cut out of a magazine. I can also say that I'm pretty sure my night can be summed up and properly explained by these next few sentences.
(Zahava and I were driving back home, singing terribly loudly to Elton John.)
"Did he just say 'frozen hair on the ladder of my life'???"
"What?! OH! Here. H-e-r-e."
Yes, that was amazing.
Also, this means that Zahava is plain ol' awesome because the drive home Thursday night (for which she accompanied me) was amazing, too. I'd tell it over, but I've been told that it's not funny unless you were there. But I still want to tell it over, so I'll just tell you a little part.
I have this new habit of shouting randomly when I really don't mean to act so excited and the habit's starting to become very embarrassing for me. I don't know when it developed, but Thursday night, after a long debate over a song, Z started singing it to me. My justification for my argument immediately became apparent and I shouted, "THAT'S BECAUSE HE'S THE--" and I didn't have to shout further because Zahava jumped so high that I started laughing and she was laughing so hard from it herself that I just kept laughing more. The only problem was that when I laugh very hard, I cry. And when I cry, I close my eyes. Luckily, I was turning into the gas station, so I kept driving five miles an hour, stopping when I had my eyes closed, driving five miles an hour again, stopping again, etc. until I was able to successfully park. All the while I was laughing hysterically and Zahava was looking like she was having a seizure because she was laughing so hard. The gas station attendants were cracking up at us and we realized after we drove away that they probably thought we were high...which I blame on Zahava's hat.

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