Tuesday, October 31, 2006


I walked into the gym behind another woman only to see the guy who should have been behind the desk playing around with the water machine. After hestitating at the desk for a few seconds wondering if I should wait for him to swipe my card, I decided to forgo the swiping in.
"Hey, hey, hey--just a second!" The guy called after me.
I apologized and handed him my card.
"No worries. Would you like this water?" He moved his hand to indicate the cold water bottle he had just placed on the desk. "We were just beating up on the machine; you might as well take it."
I thanked him and took the water. He probably got word that I started an OFFICIAL Bring Back Beards Campaign (on Facebook...72 members and it's still under a week old) and wanted to show his appreciation. Or maybe beards imbue their men with super-nice powers.

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