Monday, November 06, 2006

Where's Andre?

This is my 800th post, but 114 of them are unpublished so this really only 686.
I drove 420 miles this week and I didn't go out of my way or anywhere special. Just thought I'd share the number because I don't think people quite understand what I mean when I tell them that I "drive forever every week" and that it makes me tired. My car averages 22 mpg between both highway and traffic. Sometimes on the highway it gets up to 31 mpg, but I do a lot of city driving too so it evens out. This also makes a lot of sense because when I fill my tank it usually takes about 14 or so gallons and I never wait for it to fully empty. Someone recently told me that I'm obsessed with numbers and I was surprised because I didn't know it was noticable. Then he was surprised because he meant it as a joke and I realized that it isn't noticable. Carry on.

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