Thursday, April 12, 2007

Blur Blur Blur

I thought the conversation I had with the guy at the tire place was interesting. It went like this.
"Wow, does that say 100,000 miles???"
"Uh, yeah."
"100,000 miles. That's crazy. A car this age should have an average of 32,000 miles."
"Oh, wow."
"Where do you take this thing? Is it mostly local driving?"
"Lots of commuting."
Then I went to the gym and pretty much ruined someone's day with my awkwardness. After putting some weights back on the rack, I was walking along the mirrors when I noticed some guy was talking to me. I turned my music off.
"Blur blur blur reserves blur blur?"
"What, sorry?"
"Blur blur blur reserves?"
I took one of my earphones out. "Sorry?"
"Are you a reserves?"
"Am I what?"
"The Israeli Army, are blur blur reserves?"
Smile. "What? I'm sorry, what?"
"Your shirt. Are you a reserves?"
I looked down at my IDF tee-shirt.
"Oh, no, haha. Just a fan."
"Did you get the shirt blur blur?"
"Did I--what was that?"
"The shirt. Did you just blur blur the army blur get it?"
"Um, what?"
"Did you have to get that in Israel?"
"Yup. I got it in Israel."
"So you just went to blur blur get it blur?"
At that point, I just gave up.
"Yups!" I said, smiled, and walked away.

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