Wednesday, May 09, 2007

The Freckles are Coming! The Freckles are Coming!

Yesterday when I stood in the grocery store aisle debating over whether to purchase a regular moisturizer with low sunscreen or a night moisturizer with no sunscreen, I reminded myself that in the summer I use sunblock as a moisturizer during the day anyway and besides, I still had half a bottle of the same low sunscreen moisturizer at home. Obviously, I needed the night moisturizer (technically, I don't, but I think I'm supposed to start moisturizing my face more to keep it youthful). So this morning when my already broken low sunscreen moisturizer bottle broke even more, I was left with no choice but to slather the right side of my face with my new night moisturizer. It was that or search my room for 10 precious morning minutes for a potential sunblock find. And just as the bread always falls on the buttered side, the sun was hitting me hardest from my right all day.

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