Tuesday, August 21, 2007

I Finished 0-4

We had an Arm Wrestling Tournament over Shabbos. In the first round, my brother Ari beat my sister 2-0 and Josh beat her 1-0. For the second round, Ari changed the rules to: "if I get your arm down in under two seconds, you have to use two hands." After beating me in under one second, he beat me again even though I used both hands. Josh beat me too.
The standings were: Ari: 4-0, Josh: 2-0, Dasa: 0-3, Dina: 0-3 (I know that seems inconsistent, but bear with me).
It was time for the final round: Dasa vs. Dina.
The crowd gathered around the corner of the kitchen table, ready to see if our claim that Das is really strong was true. The wrestle started and when both arms were still up after two seconds, it appeared that I might have had a chance at winning. At three seconds, Das had my arm 45* from the table and when I realized she was winning, I started to scream. This happened about the same time she realized she was winning, and started to scream. She got my arm down on the table to a duet of, "aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah!" and when we were done and laughing, my brothers had nothing to say but, "wow."

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