Friday, March 17, 2006

At Least It Doesn't Make It Easy for a Cop to Imagine My Mug Shot

The lady at the DMV laughed and told me that my "yes" was more like a plea. Besides, she told me, she's seen worse. Perhaps she has, but I'm not particularly a fan of license pictures looking like mug shots and I blew my hair and wore small earrings in preparation for a new picture. So we walked over to where she'd take the picture, the only woman working behind the desk and I, and the whole line whined. I waited just as long as all of them, even outside the door on that line, and I wasn't going to leave without a new picture. She told me to look at the smilie face and smile when the light flashed. The light flashed. I smiled. She told me to come over and take a peek. She picked one of the three shots the camera took and had me sign a new signature (thank goodness) on a little card. The end.

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