Sunday, September 24, 2006

Have a Happy Sootinear!

I checked my nails eight times on erev Rosh HaShana to see if the manicure I got on Monday was chipped. I had been careful to get a light color (pale pink) in case it lasted until yuntif (my favorite made up word) and I was extra careful in class not to get pen ink on the fourth nail on my right hand like I always do. Well, none of my nails were chipped even after my shower, so I just went with keeping the manicure as it was.
My mother lit candles and I went to visit my cousins next door. About ten minutes after coming, I noticed that my nails had taken on a putrid shade of orange. Orange. I wish this were a joke.
Now, if they had turned a pale orange or a pinkish orange, I wouldn't have minded so much. But this orange was a gaudy somewhere-between-Halloween-orange-and-basketball-orange orange. The polish must have reacted with something to change so rapidly into such a terrible thing and there was nothing I could do about it. For the rest of yuntif I walked around with nails that looked like I had painted my nails with white out and then colored them over with an orange highlighter while bored in class. It was very unpleasant.

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