Monday, October 09, 2006

I Would Have Had to Fill Something Out Because THERE COULD HAVE BEEN DRUGS...Which Might Have Been Why She Needed To Carry Food Around With Her, Too

I have a set of such unique suitcases that after checking for my name on the larger one (which came down the conveyer belt first), it didn't occur to me to check the name on the smaller one. Which I realized was a mistake after opening the smaller one and noticing that my shoes had suspiciously morphed into floral clothes and boxes of vanilla pudding mix. The name on the tag said Esther Schwartz* so we called El-Al and asked if they had mine. They didn't. But they did say that I'd have to come down to the airport (about an hour away) and return the one I had and fill out a report that I didn't take anything. Who knows, I was told, there might be drugs inside. My parents were already constructing stories about Esther Schwartz's life. She has tuna and pudding mix, so she must be staying at an apartment. She's probably at her grandchildren because she has bubby slippers and maybe they live in Tel-Aviv so we're doomed.
My mother instructed me to take a nap and eat breakfast so that she could take me shopping for new shoes. At 1pm, when the El-Al reported that they still hadn't heard from Esther, I went to bed. At 2, the front desk called my room to ask if we had Schwartz's suitcase. Apparently, Esther came to the hotel that morning and left her suitcase at the front desk because her room wasn't ready yet. When she got back and asked for her suitcases, she was told there was only one because, well, the other had my last name on it.
So awesomeness one is that she too didn't check the name on the luggage and it was a clean swap. Awesomeness two is that we are at the same hotel. And awesomeness three is that I ended up both with my suitcase and new shoes and earrings. Chag sameach!

*That wasn't the real name, but the real one was only slightly less Jewish-popular.

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Blogger Adam Murray said...

you hear about this??

An 8th Grade kid in a hebrew school in New England predicted the Spinach ecoli problem a full YEAR ahead of the curve. You guys are smart motherfuckers,what can I say??

Happy Shabbos in the Holy land

Friday, October 13, 2006 3:18:00 PM  

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