Friday, December 08, 2006

I Got Forty Red, White and Blue Shoe Strings

I took the boots off, put them back into their box, and placed them next to the shoes I was going to buy.
"Excuse me," the saleslady said while picking my shoes up, "can I just take these shoes to that lady? She wants to try them on for size."
"I'm going to buy these."
The saleslady looked at me. "She just wants to try them for size. To see if they're her size."
"Um...right, but I'm going to buy them now."
I tried focusing on putting my boots back on, but found myself distracted by the saleslady's presence.
"You see, she wears a six, so I want her to try them."
"That's okay, the black ones are a six too. Why don't you just give her the black ones?"
The saleslady stared at me, unsure of what to say. Luckily for her, the lady with the size six feet ambled over herself.
"I'd like to try these shoes," she said and took them from the saleslady's hands. "They're my size." Even if she and I were the same size (which we weren't, but they didn't have my size so I was going to make do with the six), everyone's feet are different. Maybe her feet were really wide or smelly or sweaty--I didn't want her feet in, on, or near my new shoes.
"I'm sorry, but I'm about to buuuuuuy them. Please put them down."
"Just to try them on."
"Try the black ones."
"But these are the ones I want."
"I'm buying those and the black ones are the exact same shoe in a different color. I am BUYING these."
The two women stared at me like I was the schoolyard bully so I took the shoes from the woman, smiled at her, and went to pay. Is it so mean of me to not want someone else wearing my shoes?

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Anonymous Mir the Great Procrastinator said...

I agree. Why should you seem like the schoolyard bully when she just as well could have tried on the ones in black. Also, if she really wanted to try them on in her clor AND size, the saleslady should have been the one to go and get her a pair from the back. I am totally with you on this one. They were your shoes at that point and you had no reason to lend them to anyone.

Sunday, December 10, 2006 7:07:00 PM  

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