Wednesday, January 24, 2007

"Oh, C'mon--Don't Be Such a Girl!"

I had a few extra minutes this morning, so I stopped at Starbucks to get a coffee (I stopped doing caffeine so I just had a tea, but I was very tired and needed a boost). I pulled into a spot, crossed Queens Blvd., and got a latte. The light was turning green when I was ready to cross, but I ran across the first part of the blvd. anyway because there was only one car waiting. As I ran in front of the car, the driver started honking to me. I turned to look at the car and saw him waving manically. I halfway turned away and then turned back and gave him an, "I don't think I know who you are look" so he rolled down his window to tell me, I guess, but the girl sitting next to him was either embarrassed or laughing--I couldn't tell--and she made him drive off because cars were coming up behind him. It was probably a case of mistaken identity, but it's killing me to figure out who he was.

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Anonymous Monseyguy said...

Same thing happened to me, yesterday. Except it was in Manhattan, not Queens, and on 42nd Street, not Queens Blvd, and it was a woman on the sidewalk, not a guy in a car. But otherwise it was exactly the same thing. The woman waved, from about half a block away. I assumed it was at someone else. Then she pointed at me, made eye contact, and waved again. Then she turned around and walked away. I have no idea who she was.

Wednesday, January 24, 2007 1:39:00 PM  
Blogger BrownsvilleGirl said...

Well, if you know a guy who wears shiny yarmulke clips, drives a dark Lexus, and gives rides in Queens to dark-haired girls in the morning, ask him if he knows me because he was the one. Also, the moral of the story is that when you wave to someone who might not recognize you, don't wave your hands in front of your face.

Friday, January 26, 2007 1:56:00 PM  

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