Tuesday, February 06, 2007

In Fact, It's Cold as Hell

This past spring, my tooth hurt when I walked. It was the oddest thing, but every time I'd put my right foot down on a hard surface, the teeth on the upper right side of my mouth would start to hurt. I called the dentist for an appointment and they told me they didn't have one for a week. I insisted on one before then because I was going away for Shavuot and nearly cried from pain when I did nothing more than walk. They squeezed me in Erev Shavuot during my doctor's lunch break.
At first the hygienist saw me. She asked me all sorts of questions and ended up just taking x-rays. The dentist came into the room and took a peek at my x-rays.
"Are you having allergies?" he asked.
I told him I wasn't. He pulled out my x-rays from exactly one year and two days prior to the day I was there and lit them up for me.
"Your file says that you came in a year ago complaining that the exact same teeth hurt when you walked. Did you know that?"
I had no recollection and let him know. I might have been the first person in the history of the world with this problem, but apparently it wasn't my first time experiencing it.
According to my dentist, my allergies that I didn't know I had were so bad that my sinuses were inflamed all the way down my gums to right above the roots of my teeth where, when I stepped too hard, my teeth rub up to. I thanked him for the diagnoses and made a mental note not to panic and visit him the next time I had that problem.
Last winter I had a cold so bad that when I'd blow my nose (and I'm not a hard nose blower), I'd get dizzy. My head felt stuffed with mucus and I was all around not well. It was so bad it had to be more than just a cold, so I made an appointment at the doctor.
"Yes," I told him when he asked if I felt dizzy and pained when I leaned forward.
"No," my mucus wasn't green.
"No," I haven't been coughing up phlegm.
"You just have a bad cold," Dr. Simons said. "...Like you did last year."
"I had a bad cold last year?"
"Yes. And you thought it might have been a sinus infection, so you came in. It was just a cold."
"When was this?"
"The chart says same time last year."
I made a mental note not to bother the doctor again when I'd inevitably have a bad cold.
That's a lot of words for me to just say that I'm having that bad cold.

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