Sunday, February 11, 2007

It's Four o'Clock in the Morning Dammit, Listen to Me Good

Before I go to sleep, I feel a dire need to address a certain situation that happened tonight. The situation that happened to me is called a "plot twist" in literary terms and since I am an English major, I will call it just that. Please sit back and enjoy my tale of Plot Twist.
I went to a friend whose house I had never been to before for Shabbos. Now, everyone knows that you should never go to a friend whose house you have NEVER EVER been to for an entire Shabbos, but my parents were going away and she and I really get along well. Shabbos, as it turned out, was awesome. My friend was the best and sweetest and her mother approached borderline force-feeding me, but was very thoughtful and caring in that way.
When Shabbos was over, Debbie showed me her bags and shoes (she's an accessories major at FIT, so I'm talking the bags and shoes she's made) and let me borrow a beautiful clutch for the party we were going to. We drove into the city and as I was nearing the street the party was on, I saw a car around the corner put his lights on. I turned the corner and got the spot in just enough time. This spot from Heaven was not just around the corner from where we needed to be, it was about 6 feet longer than my car. A parking pleasure never found in the city.
Once at the party, I gave my happy birthdays and headed toward the bathroom. On my way back, I heard someone say, "Hey! I've seen you three times in two weeks!" I looked up and saw the mystery tall, dark haired, hairy guy I had first seen at Eli's party and thought was familiar and then seen at Hunter this Monday on my way to class. He was at the bar for a co-worker's birthday party, which is TOTALLY random, and we spoke for a little bit.
Later, I met a really nice guy and we had a nice conversation and then when he was leaving I realized that everyone I knew had left and I didn't want to be an awkward single girl, so I decided I'd leave too. Being as I'm awesomely nice, I gave him a ride to his apartment. Then I got lost on my way to highway, but made it okay.
Paranoid because of the last ticket I got, I drove the Palisades at 62 mph the entire way. By the time I got to the 55 mph zone, it was close to 3 am and since I was already exhausted out of my mind and oddly happy-excited about the way my night had gone, I went a little faster. I accelerated to 74 and put my car into cruise. A moment later, a cop came out of the side of the highway and started following me with his lights on. There is no way I'm not getting points for this--it's my third ticket.
Furthermore, the policeman was really condescending. He asked me where I was coming from and I said the city.
"But where are you coming from?" he asked again.
I told him that I was coming from a birthday party but I didn't drink anything.
The girl who stands around birthday parties with soda when everyone else is drinking--the girl who drank coffee before going out to make sure she wouldn't fall asleep on the road--the girl who did 62 for the bulk of the Palisades to be cautious about tickets--that's the girl who got a ticket. And my weekend had been going so well up until that point...I'd cry myself to sleep, but I've already cried my eyes out and cried/howled to my mother over the phone.

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