Friday, February 16, 2007

Synonym [sin-uh-nim] –noun

The cafeteria was crowded with late lunchers and friends hanging out before their classes. Newcombe and I sat next to each other, hunched over the Metro New York crossword puzzle.
"Atoll feature. What's an atoll?"
Every few minutes we'd see a flash out of the corner of our eyes, look around, and find the same man with a professional camera around his neck snapping random shots of people. The last time I'd want to be photographed is when I'm eating, but then, my father likes taking pictures when we go out to eat, so who am I to judge?
"The New York Times puzzle is so much better," I said. "It actually makes you think. This puzzle's just a bunch of cinnamons. CINNAMONS!"
"Oh Gd."
I looked up to give Nukes a look and found myself staring straight into the camera man's lens exactly 8 feet away from me and blinking red. I burst out laughing. Nukes looked up and started laughing as well. We spent the next two minutes trying to regain composure and finding ourselves unable to hold back our laughter while the camera snapped about 8 pictures in rapid succession.
The moral of this story is that you should check the Hunter website daily to see when they change the banner loop to include our picture.

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