Friday, December 15, 2006

But This One's Already Dead

I have to admit that I'm kinda famous. My friend Ariel has a radio show on the YU radio and it happens to be that my cousin and I called in tonight and I spoke to them and then they hung up by mistake. So what did the big shot DJs say? They asked me to call back. And then? After that? They were talking about something they didn't know about that happened to be something I knew about, so I called. But the line was busy, so I IMed their show instead. They thought I was really smart and a guy, but I didn't realize until I heard and there's a delay so I had to IM them in Caps Lock to let them know that I'M A GIRL. So they were talking about me (by screenname) and saying that I should be a guest on their show, yadda yadda, and then my friend realized the screen name they were saying so he told me over the radio to call for confirmation that it really was me and to explain the thing that I knew that they didn't. They had some sort of rule that they weren't supposed to talk using the person's sn, so I wrote that my code name was Pam Beesly, but they didn't notice because they were talking about my sn which is a secret, so I will not reveal it, but let's say it's something like TheObeseWatermelon, which would make an AWESOME sn if it weren't so long, and saying things like "what's an obese watermelon?" Anyway, I've got two tickets to paradise; won't you pack your bags? We'll leave right after tomorrow.

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