Thursday, February 22, 2007

Squiggle, Wiggle, Giggle, Wriggle

I scratched my shoulder this morning while getting dressed and a little while later it started to bleed. It's odd, I thought my nails were short because I just had them done yesterday, but you never know with these things. I scratched my shoulder before in the same spot a few months ago. Apparently, it's a very bruisable spot.
On Monday, I slipped on some ice while trying to get into my car, grabbed the open car door for support, and slid straight into it with my knee out first. It hurt all the way to the gym. Then it hurt more in the Pilates class because we kept doing child's pose between exercises. The bruise is not very dark or very large, but I think it's deep because it still hurts somewhat.
One time I was walking with a friend at Hunter and I slipped on the floor (for no reason) and had to bend at a 90* angle before I could straighten myself right. I think he was embarrassed to be walking with me, but it was nothing compared to the time I fell at Walgreen's. That time, I was walking toward the doors from the photo desk and felt my foot slip out from under me. I put my other foot down to catch myself and it slipped right out and I ended up falling flat on my tush at the front of the store and everyone waiting on the checkout lines turned to look. I got up, brushed myself off and continued walking.
"Are you okay?" a woman asked.
Firefox just put a red squiggle under my "okay," and won't take it away until I write, "OK." Imagine that. Anyway, the awkwardness was just hanging in the air and I felt bad for everyone else so I laughed and told them that it wasn't a big deal, of course I was fine, and that I fall all the time. I didn't want them to feel uncomfortable witnessing something embarrassing for me, so I acted like I wasn't embarrassed and sure enough, I wasn't embarrassed anyway.
It's not embarrassing to slip or fall, you just pick yourself up and continue on your way. Everyone has their way of doing things, slipping is just a part of how I do my walking. The end.

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Anonymous mir said...

um, so, I can't resist reminding you of that time in the Jewish Museum in London. hehe:)

Friday, February 23, 2007 3:32:00 PM  

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